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Why Choose Summit Cove Realty
As Your Go To Real Estate Company?

Success Starts At Summit Cove Realty

Here at Summit Cove Realty, we pride ourselves on our exceptional team of agents located all across the DFW metroplex to better serve you. 

Not only are we able to help you in all of your Real Estate needs from Sunset, Texas to Decatur all the way to Alvarado;

Our team of agents are skilled in their craft, highly knowledgeable of the current real estate market and are passionate about helping you. 

Whether you are searching for a cozy family home, a nice vacation house,

or for a lucrative investment property;

our team of agents are dedicated to working hard for you and with you.

Ensuring the entire real estate transaction from start to finish is diligently worked through with the utmost care and with you and your family in the forefront of mind. 


"Honesty is the best policy -

when there is money in it."


- Mark Twain


"Integrity is doing the right thing,

even when no one is watching."


- C.S. Lewis

Hard Work

noun: hard work; noun: hardwork

a great deal of effort or endurance.

"it takes hard work to be successful in business"

- Oxford Dictonary

Daniel with Summit Cove was extremely easy to work with.
Compared to others, he cut the "sales talk" and told me what he thought, based on his indicators and his personal integrity. That's all anyone can ask. We had actually gotten a higher bid from a group that is better known in the industry. However, that ended up being a nightmare, and the deal did not go through. What a huge waste of time and effort! I called Daniel, who was #2 on our final list, and we worked out a deal in minimal time. would highly recommend this group.
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