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Ways To Save Money At Easter

Updated: Aug 10

Decorate Fake Eggs

Due to the increased prices of eggs, save the real eggs for eating and decorate the fake eggs! There are several options out there. The obvious option would be to decorate plastic eggs. Your kids can cut out shapes that can be glued onto the eggs, or let them put stickers on them. You can also be use Sharpie Markers  to draw on the plastic eggs. Craft Foam Eggs are also great for decorating. These eggs are good for painting and glueing objects onto them. These eggs can be used in an Easter egg hunt. Another great option is dyeable plastic eggs, these eggs can be dyed just like the real eggs. The biggest benefit to using these alternative options, is that you can keep them forever!

Use What You Have Around The House

Another way to save money at Easter, is to use what you have around the house. Be creative and use a regular bucket or that small Amazon box collecting dust in the corner as an Easter basket. I bet if you look around, you will find an actual basket laying around or hanging in your garage/attic. Though that plastic Easter grass (used to stuff your basket) isn't expensive, you might look for an alternative if you have pets or small children. If you have a shredder at home use the shredded papers as your basket filler. Look around the house for pastel colored ribbons, table linens, and other spring-like items to use for decorations. Host An Easter Potluck

Instead of going out to eat Easter lunch/dinner, host an Easter potluck Your friends and family can bring their favorite dish. You can make a list of what is needed, then ask your guest what they would like to bring. This will ensure all bases are covered. Most people enjoy sharing their home cooked recipes with others. When my family gets together, we also pitch in on the egg hunt and contribute "prize" eggs and candy filled eggs. Hosting a family potluck is way more enjoyable than going to a restaurant. Your guest can sit and relax while the kids hunt Easter eggs.

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