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TIPS TO MANAGE YOUR TIME Use these tips to manage your time, if you often wonder where your time goes when trying to complete your work. Creating a time schedule, using a checklist, setting deadlines, eliminating interruptions, focusing on 1 thing at a time, and taking breaks are key to managing your time. If you don't manage your time, your time will mange you!

Create A Time Schedule

Create a Time Schedule The first and most important tip, is to create a time schedule to plan out your day/week. You can do this on paper, in a planner, or with a schedule app, whatever works best for you. If it is necessary to share it with team members or family, then it would be easier to do so using an app. Block out all appointments/meetings. Adding extra time when travel is involved is important. Your time schedule is not complete yet.

Use a Checklist

Use a Checklist Once you have all of your appointments/meeting on the schedule, it is time to use a check list to list all the things you need done. Be sure to include the smallest of task. After ALL the items are added to your checklist, then prioritize the list and give each task a time limit. Now that all items are in order and you have designated a time limit to each, start adding them to your schedule.

Set Deadlines

Setting Deadlines Be sure to set deadlines for each item scheduled. For bigger projects, to help get through all the parts and pieces, you will need to break it up into sections and set deadlines for each section. When your tasks are broken up into sections, they will not feel so overwhelming. Be realistic with your deadlines, and if someone has set deadlines for you, be sure to use those deadlines. Setting deadlines is very important.

Eliminate Interruptions

Eliminating Interruptions Eliminating interruptions is very important when sticking to your time schedule. Interruptions will happen regardless if you work in an office or from home. Though some interruptions will happen and may need to happen, other interruptions do not. For the most part, you know what interruptions you can do away with. Set boundaries with that chatty co-worker who comes by your office every time they leave their desk. Let them know that you are not to be disturbed. If you are working form home and that neighbor who is always out and about and wants to see what you hav going on, you can always speak to the neighbor, or put a sign on your door "Do NOT Disturb" . It is necessary to set boundaries with these people.

Focus on 1 Thing

Focus on 1 Thing Now it is time to focus on 1 thing at a time, since your schedule is all planned out. Seeing a message(s) pop up on your phone of your computer can be distracting. If these things break your focus, then figure out how to silence your phone or turn off those notifications. Focusing on the task at hand it important to your time management.

Take A Break

Take a Break I know what you are thinking, "How can I take a break when I have all of this stuff to do?" Believe me, it is important to take a break for many reasons. Sometimes stepping away from your work to clear your head is just what you need! Taking a break is also good for your health. Go take a walk around, refresh your coffee, eat a snack, walk outside and get some fresh air. All of these things when put together will be very beneficial to your day. Feel free to make adjustments as your day goes by. If you feel it would help you to let your team know what you have going on, then share your time schedule with them, you never know when others might see something you missed, or realize you have a lot on your plate and may ask to help out on your task. feel free to check out our Pinterest Board: Time Management for more tips on this topic.

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