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Tips to Help Get Your Taxes Organized

Tips to Help Get Your Taxes Organized If you haven't already prepared your taxes, here are some basic tips to help get your taxes organized. Knowing when your taxes are due is very important. Having an organized system will greatly help the tax preparer. It's important to ask the IRS or tax professionals when you have questions regarding your taxes.

Taxes Due The most important tip to help you get organized, is knowing when your taxes are due. April 18, 2023, is the official due date. Even if you can't pay your taxes on this date, it is important to at least FILE your taxes by this date. If you do not file or pay on time there are penalties, so be sure to keep that in mind.  Click on this link for other Tax Deadlines you may need to know.

Organization System Create a file box organization system to store all of your tax documents in.You can use any type of file box to store your taxes in, however there are boxes specifically made for storing your tax information. Other alternative ways of storing your tax information is to keep them in a fire-proof safe or store your information electronically.

Best to scan in all docs & receipts. It is best to scan in all docs & receipts. If you scan all of your tax docs, then you can store them in a secondary location, in case something happens to your originals. It is also smart to scan all of your receipts, because they tend to fade over time. Notes should be written for all receipts answering who, what, when, where, & why..

Tips to Help Get Your Taxes Organized

Organize everything by category. Gather all of your tax documents and organize everything by category. Once the docs are into categories, file them as such. Doing so will be extremely helpful when doing your taxes. There are some great organizational tips I found on Pinterest.

Keep the past 3 years TaxReturns Per the IRS, you need to keep the past 3 Tax Returns on hand. Follow this link to check on other limitations: .  Always check with the IRS if you have any questions or concerns about your taxes.

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