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Stress Free Thanksgiving

Stress Free Thanksgiving A "Stress Free Thanksgiving" sounds unattainable to some, but with a plan and some preparation, you too can have a "Stress Free Thanksgiving". Make a plan ahead of time. Write out your grocery list and buy everything at least a week ahead of time. Be sure to schedule some time for yourself before your guest arrive. It is also important to have ample seating for all guest. Adding fun activities for your guest will benefit everyone.

Planning & Prepping Planning & prepping is key to a stress free Thanksgiving. Before planning for your big Thanksgiving dinner, ask your guest if they would like to bring their favorite side dish or dessert. In doing so, you will cut your workload in half. When planning & prepping your meal, be sure to go through all of your recipes and note all ingredients that will be needed. Shopping a week or two prior to Thanksgiving will ensure that you find what you need. Once the grocery shopping is done, look over your recipes and start working on any food prep that can be down ahead of time. Cutting down the time you spend in the kitchen will allow you more time to spend with your guest.

Schedule "Me Time" Another key factor to achieve a stress free Thanksgiving, is to schedule "Me Time". Relaxing ahead of time will be a huge stress reliever. The morning of, go for a walk to clear your head. Take a nap before your guest arrive. Maybe taking a nice long bubblebath will be what you need. However you choose to schedule your "Me Time", choose something that will help you relax, you deserve it.

Plan Fun Activities Lastly,  planning fun activities for your guest, will not only result in a stress free Thanksgiving, but your guest will love it! This will help to keep them occupied while you prepare the food for dinner time. Make sure you have ample seating throughout your living space for all guest. Weather permitting, set up extra seating outside.  Another great tip to keep your guest out of your hair, is to set up a drink station outside of the kitchen. Guest will feel more comfortable to help themselves if everything is assessable to them. Feel free to add some lite hors d'oeuvres to the drink station.

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