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  • Celeste Murray

Senior Downsizing Guide

I have one more Blog Post to share in the "Senior Care Series". This week I am sharing a guide about downsizing. Hope you find this information useful as well.

"For many seniors, downsizing is the first step toward more freedom and independence, physically and financially. In fact, around 40% of adults move during retirement and about half of those downsize. While empty nesters may be giving up the old family home that's full of memories, they're also avoiding the high cost of insuring and maintaining it — to say nothing of rising utility bills and dangerous staircases. Downsizing gives seniors the opportunity to move to a more vibrant and well-connected neighborhood, whether nearby or in another state. Given all the benefits, it's not surprising that about 12% of all home buyers aged 45 to 67 downsize. If you no longer need a big house with room for the whole family, it might be time to find a smaller place that meets your current and future needs. You'll find more tips to help you make a smooth transition in this guide."


This guide will cover the following topics:

  • What Are Some Signs That It’s Time to Downsize?

  • Things To Consider Before Moving as a Senior

  • What Should You Look For in a New Home for a Senior?

  • Downsizing Tips for a Low-Stress Move

  • How To Get Help Finding Senior Homes and Senior Living

Click the link to read the entire guide: Senior Downsizing Guide

If you are a Senior thinking about downsizing, we would love to help you with that!

Summit Cove realty will offer a discount on our commission if you reference this code when you contact us: CODE: SENIORDOWNSIZEBLOG

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