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Planning Out Your Valentine's Day

Planning Out Your Valentine's Day

Change Can Be Good When planning out your Valentine's Day, change can be good. Do something different this year. If you usually don't go on a romantic getaway, maybe plan that this year.  You can rent a cozy little cabin near by or take a weekend trip to Austin, Houston, or San Antonio. If that is something you always do, maybe you want to stay home? It's easy to plan a romantic dinner for two at home. Just pick up some candles and flowers, use that nice place setting your grandparents gave you, and serve up a home cooked meal! In case you don't cook, it's fine to order take out form your favorite restaurant and serve it on your nice plates. If you both like to cook, then add that to the plan and cook a meal together. Finally, if you want something really special but don't want to spend too much money on it, plan an outdoor picnic for two (weather permitting). If it's too cold out or raining, move your picnic indoors. Whatever you do change it up a bit.

Select a Restaurant. It's important to select a restaurant that you know your date will like. This should be a place that has good food and does not have TV's hanging everywhere. Choose a restaurant that isn't too noisy, so that you can enjoy a nice conversation. It is always good to check out the menu and prices before going so that there aren't any surprises when the check comes. Be sure to check with the restaurant ahead of time, to see if reservations are necessary, especially if you are going on Valentine's Day. This step is very important when planning out your Valentine's Day. If you are having to celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget, take advantage of local deals and discounts. Some restaurants will offer a special dinner for 2 deal. If you are on social media, check out  Dallas Love List  or Fort Worth Love List , they post about what's going on and cool places to go to. Also check out Groupon in your area, for discounts and deals. Be sure to read any 'fine' print, some deals may not be honored on holidays. If you decide to go somewhere you have not been before, be sure to read their reviews before selecting a restaurant.

Buying a Gift Buying a gift should not be hard or break the bank. This is a very important part of planning out your Valentine's Day so do not wait until the last minute. If you're on a budget, but still want to get something special for your loved one, choose something that is meaningful to them. Get that great photo of you two developed and put it in a nice frame. Buy them their favorite sweet. If the typical cheesy Valentine candy heart is not their thing, then don't buy it. I personally like the cheesy Valentine stuff. If you wanted to buy jewelry that is super expensive, start saving for that in advance. Flowers are always a nice gift, especially if you are buying a gift and it is a new relationship. No matter what you do, just know that spending time together and be present is the most important thing about celebrating Valentine's Day. If something doesn't turn out exactly how you want it to, just roll with and don't let it ruin your time with your date. You have a week to plan so you better get busy!

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