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Hello November

Hello November Hello  November! These past few months sure have flown by. The month of November is a busy month. There is a lot to do to prepare for the holidays, the change of the weather, and Daylight Savings Time.

Holiday Prepartion Thanksgiving is on November 24 this year, which is exactly a month away form Christmas Eve. It is evident that the holidays are upon us when you are out and about shopping. The aisles in the grocery stores are packed with all the Thanksgiving day fixings, Christmas decorations have hit the shelves, and fall décor is being marked down. According to a survey, 55.5% of Americans put up their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, causing November to get lost in the shuffle of holidays!

Temperature Change There is definitely a change in temps here in North East Texas. Though it is a bit chilly in the mornings, it is still very nice outside during the day. This month is a great time to get outside and enjoy a nice hike, a hunting trip, sitting outside by a campfire, and other outdoor recreational activities. It is also a good time to prepare your home for cooler temps to come.

Daylight Savings Time Another event that some may need to prepare themselves for is Daylight Savings Time. This year, you will need to set your clocks back an hour on November 6, 2022 at 2:00 a.m. This change in time may or may not affect you.  If this time change does take a toll on you, there are a few things you can do to help with that. Gradually adjust your sleeping and wake time prior to the time change, as well as adjusting your daily routine, and be sure you still get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. No matter what, enjoy November! Don't let the planning and preparations for the holidays stress you out. Make a plan and stick to it. Get outside, take a break from the hustle and bustle and spend time with family and friends.

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