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Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Lending Testimonial If you are looking to invest in real estate, but not sure who to trust, watch this Hard Money Lending Testimonial video. Watch as Jeremy Scott and Calvin Malek discuss the process of lending on Investment Properties with Summit Cove Realty. If you would like to be an investor, send Jeremy Scott an email ( He would love to chat with you and send you a "How to Lend on Real Estate" packet. Our packet covers the following: (1) What's Your Return? (2) How is your investment protected? (3) Where do you send your investment? and (4) When do you collect your return? If you are not ready to be a lender and would like to be added to the "Hard Money Lending" Newsletter, send us your email ( "I don't care what you do, just do something with your money. Don't keep it in a checking or savings account, 'cause that's earning nothing." - Malek when asked for his Parting Words of Wisdom Feel free to reach out to Calvin make at: / 281.415.0272 Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! You can also watch our "Before & After" flip house episodes.

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