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Hand-Made Valentines

Hand-Made Valentines Nothing says "I love you!", better than hand-made Valentines. Making hand-made Valentines doesn't have to take a lot of time. All you need are a few supplies, a creative mind, and maybe Google. I have included videos and pictures to walk you through the process. We start with gathering supplies. **If the video doesn't populate, after clicking the "play arrow", click on the small square within a square, for the video to pop up. Gather Supplies The next step is to figure out what you want your Valentine to say. You can add words from your heart, look up love poems, song lyrics, or love quotes. I used the cute stickers to help form my Valentine messages. This next video will talk you through it. What’s your message? I made some Valentines with supplies I had at home. All you need is a piece of paper, a nice message, and some creativity. Watch what I made in just a few minutes! Look what I made! Knowing that someone took the time to make me a hand-made card means more to me than any store bought card. This is also a fun project to do with your family and friends. Hand-made cards are also fun to make for any occasion. Easter and Mother's day will be here before you know it, so plan ahead and make hand-made cards then too!

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