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Getting Organized For The Holidays

Getting organized for the holidays will help relieve some of the stress that comes with holidays. Having everything planned out and accounted for will be very helpful as December unfolds. A holiday planner is key. Be sure to add a list of who you will buy/make gifts for. It's important to plan out the meals for the month as well. In the end, once the holidays are over, changes can be noted and you can start getting organized for the next year.

Use a Holiday Planner The use of a holiday planner is a vital part of holiday organization. You can use apps on your phone, programs for your computer, or a physical planner. I prefer a physical planner. There is no need to buy a fancy expensive holiday planner. A notebook with divider tabs and paper will work perfectly. Don't forget the December Calendar. First, you want to mark down all important dates, such as, Christmas parties, kids' pageants and programs, and other holiday events on the calendar. Then, once all the dates are recorded, then list if any gifts or dishes you may need for these events. If you plan to mail out cards or gifts, be sure to update any addresses as necessary. Keep your Holiday Planner accessible.

Plan Out Meals It is important to plan out meals for events and for your home. Make one grocery list and if possible get everything at one time. Planning ahead will save you some time. Having your meals planned out for home, will also help save time. Take in consideration that December is a very busy month, so plan out meals that are quick and easy. If you are super busy, do not hesitate to pick up pre-made  dishes for home or to take to an event.

Buy/Make Gifts ASAP If you have not gone shopping yet, you need to go ahead and buy/make gifts ASAP. More time will be freed up by marking this step off your list. First, when you are shopping for gifts or supplies to make gifts, keep your budget in mind. There are plenty of gift ideas that won't break the bank. Pinterest is a great place to start when needing gift ideas. If you don't have time to make gifts, but love giving handmade gifts, check out Etsy for handmade gifts. Always try to make each gift personal, and when you are able, try and shop at local businesses.

Get Organized For Next Year Now that the holidays are over, getting organized for next year is top priority. Essentially, by planning ahead, you will save so much time and money. First, keeping a Holiday Planner up to date with gifts lists, new addresses, and dates, will help you to be prepared for next year. It's not only essential for you to have a holiday planner to get organized, but it is also essential to organize how you pack up your holiday decor and where you store it. Furthermore, each year it is smart to get rid of the items you don't use anymore. Lastly, it is important to label all boxes and totes and to keep these items stored in a place that is easy to get to.

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