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Fall Prep Home Tips

FALL PREP HOME TIPS The official day of fall is right around the corner, here are some fall prep home tips to put to use. Is your home ready for the falling leaves and change in weather? How you prepare your home for the fall may vary depending on where you live. Here are some common tips that are good to follow.

  1. Clean or replace your gutters.

  2. Check for drafts coming from your doors.

  3. Change your batteries in all smoke detectors.

  4. Clean your fireplace and chimney, as well as stock up on firewood.

  5. Prepare your outdoor furniture (especially if it’s not under a covered area).

  6. Prepare outdoor plants accordingly.

Some of these tasks you might be able to do yourself, like checking your doors for drafts. An easy way to do so is to shut your door on a piece of paper and if it can slide easily, then you should replace your weather stripping. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, the internet is full of videos to help you out when needed. Your neighborhood home improvement store may also be a good source when you have questions about supplies that may be needed when prepping for the fall. Some tasks may be better suited for an expert. When an expert is needed, ask friends and family for referrals. While prepping for fall you may find more task to add to your list as well. After prepping your home for fall, don’t forget your fall decor! For more helpful tips be sure to follow us on our Instagram & Facebook pages. Check back here for more BLOG post!

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