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5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work

5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work Here are 5 ways to make your home office work. First, choose a designated work area. Secondly, keeping a clutter free area is key. Curate an inspiration board to plan out the space. While planning out the space, it is equally important to be aware of what can be seen in the background. Lastly, setting the mood in your work area is just as important. Designated Work Area A designated work area, even in a small nook in the kitchen, will help your routine and get you in the right mindset. Be sure it feels like a designated work area. That means adequate lighting, a comfortable chair, a seamless tech setup that allows you to take and make video calls.  The lack of clutter on your desk and the surrounding area will help out as well. Clutter Free Area Keeping a clutter free area requires some commitment. First, toss anything that needs to be thrown away. Next, pair like items together and contain those stray pens and such in decorative cups. Most importantly, keep all workday essentials accessible, and non-essential items moved elsewhere. There are tons of inexpensive organizational items that can be used to keep a clutter free area. Curate an Inspiration Board Now that you have set the stage, curate an inspiration board.  That wall you are looking at beyond your laptop should inspire you. Fill that space with what makes you happy. Use images of your favorite people and pets, pics of your goals. Put your to-dos and important reminders up there too. Keep the focus positive and uplifting, and keep it right in your line of sight. Do a Background Check If video calls are part of your new day-to-day, you need to do a background check. Think about what your colleagues are seeing behind you — like that pile of laundry or those empty wine glasses. To sum it up, keep things clean and uncluttered.  If you have the space, show off your style. Some good background options might be your favorite art piece, interesting souvenirs, or a clutter free bookcase. Lastly, keep the space adequately lit. Setting the mood Finally, setting the mood will give you the dream office you have always wanted. Use candles or aromatherapy diffusers to set the mood in your work space. Make a playlist that will softly play overhead, rather than through earbuds. It is equally important for your home office to feel like your home, especially now. Take time to indulge yourself with some creature comforts that feed your soul and make you feel calm and inspired.

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