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5 Up-cycled Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Updated: Aug 10

Check out these 5 up-cycled furniture ideas for your home. These are simple furniture items that had amazing makeovers and are now fabulous chic pieces in a home. What does it mean to up-cycle furniture? Up-cycling furniture is about taking old, unwanted, or broken furniture and re-purposing it. From broken cabinets whose shelves can be screwed into an old door entry that will work as a decoration piece, or putting some feet supports on an old bathtub turned it into a sofa. There are no limits to the power of creativity in upcycling furniture and other household items.

This 1960's Bennington bookcase went from drab to fab with new paint, finishings, and fun accessories added to the shelves.

This rusty vintage armchair looks like a brand new chair! This up-cycled chair looks amazing with new fabric and paint.

Using an old shabby window as a chalk board is a great way to up-cycle something that would end up in the landfill.

In need of storage? Up-cycled wooden crates are the way to go, however, keep in mind what items you will be storing in them to make it work for your needs.

If up-cycling used furniture isn't your thing, this is a fun way to up-cycle something new. This classic Ikea 3-Drawer Chest found new/used doesn't require a lot of work to make changes.

The possibilities are endless for what you can recreate, by simply adding some fresh paint, new finishing touches, or completely

repurposed into something totally different! Pull out your toolbox, dust of that old furniture piece in your home, and use this as an opportunity to have a fun adventurous activity to decorate with your spouse, friends, or family.   Enjoy!

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