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5 Tips to Help You Start Journaling

Updated: Aug 10

Today we write about 5 Tips To Help You Start Journaling. Last Tuesday our blog talked about the mental health benefits of journaling. Rather you are new to journaling, or coming back from a long break of it, these tips will get you started to maintain a sustainable, healthy, habit, which will benefit your mental health.  (see Blog Post "Top 5 Benefits of Daily Journaling")

1. Take a micro-step Every day, take a micro-step, prioritize a small amount of time to sit down and write. This tip is key when you first start to journal. Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed! Start by setting a timer for just one or two minutes a day for your journaling sessions.

2. Pick the simplest tools

Since everyone is different, pick the simplest tools to start whatever method is easiest to incorporate into your routine. Using simple tools will help you to focus more on your writing.

  1. writing in a blank document on your laptop

  2. using a note-taking app on your phone

  3. putting pen to paper

3. Try Free Writing Start by taking several deep breaths, noticing your immediate surroundings, then start freely writing whatever comes to mind. If your mind has gone blank, describe that experience until something else comes forward in your journaling. Free writing will help free your mind!

4. Let it all out

Let it all out! Write whatever thoughts and feelings arise, without censoring yourself.  “It is your journal, so you can be as pretty, blunt, and honest as you wish. If you choose to challenge yourself, try writing very fast and don’t edit anything. Letting it all out on paper is a healthy way to work through what's on your mind. 5. Explore a Prompt

Exploring Prompts is a powerful way to get to know yourself better. They are also great when you are not sure what to journal about. Prompt ideas you can explore are…

  1. Write your favorite memories from childhood or your children’s lives.

  2. Go out into nature and write about the experience.

  3. Describe something you fear doing and why.

  4. Describe something you love doing and why.

  5. Describe yourself, including your personality and roles at work and home. Then describe yourself from the perspective of a close friend or family member.

  6. If you wake up tomorrow having everything you want, what does this look like? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing with your time?

Reference: 5 super simple tips to start

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