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5 Basic Steps To Decorate Your Tree

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1. Lights Lights are an important step of decorating a Christmas tree.  If you don't have a pre-lit tree, you’ll need to add string lights. When using a green tree, use lights with green wires; a white tree will need lights with white wires. Always check to see if they’re working. Start at the top and wind your way down. Hide any cords or extra light left over at the back of your tree. Make sure the lights are tucked in mid-way and not sitting on the end of the branches.  Always take a step back to check that the lights are evenly spaced out around the tree.

2. Fluff The Tree You do not want to hurry this second step, take your time to fluff the tree branches. Spreading out each branch will add volume and cover as much area as possible. Fluffing the branches are the foundation for your overall look. Do the same with the branches as you did with the lights,  keep stepping back to look at the tree as a whole to see if there are any areas you’ve missed. During this step you may also end up fixing a few lights as well. You can fluff a real tree as well, but be careful not to knock off the needles. Feel free to trim any branches with pruners for a neater look.

3. Add The Ornaments Once the tree is lit and the branches are fluffed, you are ready to add the ornaments (as well as other decorations). Start hanging your larger ones at the bottom and medium sized ornaments in the central area and top of the tree. Choose ornaments in different finishes – such as glittered, matt and shiny – to add depth and visual interest to your tree. Then start on your second layer of ornaments/decorations by adding those special decorations. Whether handmade, vintage or collections, hang the heaviest decorations towards the inside of the tree first. This step helps to fill in any gaps inside the tree,  thus adding dimension to your tree. While layering your decorations, be sure to take a step back and make sure your decorations are balanced on the tree. Use smaller decorations as fillers. This step in decorating your tree is where you get to showcase your creativity and style!

4. Adding the Tree Topper

Tree Topper

5. Add a Tree Collar/Skirt Last but not least, be sure to add a tree collar/skirt around the base of your tree. Though this is a very basic step, adding a tree collar/skirt anchors your tree.  Tree skirts can be found everywhere, however if you are not finding one that matches your tree, you can use a round table cloth. if you choose a round tablecloth, hold it in half, then wrap it around the base and put the ends towards the back of the tree overlapping, ensuring full coverage. Collars are very      popular as well. There are several styles to choose from. Keep in mind, these are 5 basic steps to decorate your tree. Feel free to change them to meet your needs. Decorating your Christmas tree should be fun and should represent you/your familie's style. If you need ideas Pinterest is full of ideas! Before going to Pinterest, try to pick a theme first, this will save you some time. It is important to make a budget if you decide to buy new decorations. Hobby Lobby  is offering60% off their Christmas decor. Always try to reuse what you already have, you will be surprised at what you come up with.

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